How to get more done in a day

Writing lists can keep you on track

Writing lists can really help keep you organized. It’s easy to waste a lot of time. Forget what you have to get done in a day. Having lists at least makes you get a few things in the day. Even if you don’t get all your tasks accomplished. I like to write them out the night before first thing in the morning. I like to use Google’s momentum. It is a free Google Chrome extension that lets you put in your daily to do list. It has the list and a main goal. As well as beautiful picture daily. There are other free programs as well but at the time of writing this momentum is the one I’m using. If you are more into paper and pen just get yourself a scheduler book to keep on track. 

Start on your tasks first thing

Getting an early start gives you more of a chance in getting more done. Things seem to always come up during the day to take away from what you are trying to accomplish. If you get a lot done early you can have the free time you might need later in the day to deal with those things. 

Set time limits for tasks and goals

Not having time limits makes the time open ended. It can go on forever. Giving yourself a time frame makes it more likely you will accomplish it. You can set year time frames for bigger goals and daily one’s for smaller ones. Also break the jobs up in smaller bits if that helps. 

Reward yourself once in a while

Giving yourself rewards along the way is a great way to keep up the momentum. You can say after I complete this task or job. You can do smaller ones to keep you going and bigger ones for a really great treat. Like a trip to reward all your hard work over the year.