How to get more done in a day

Being successful isn’t something that happens overnight. Well, not for most of us that is. It takes a lot of time, self-evaluation, trial and error to figure out a plan that works for you. It can be frustrating at times because it can feel like you are spinning your wheels. Success feels like it’s just around the corner but for some reason, you can’t get around that corner no matter how you try. You know you are smart and have talents but for some reason, things aren’t going as planned. Another year has passed and you are no closer to your dreams. What is separating you from the success that seems to come so easy for others?
Well, there are many reasons why others are more successful than you. Some of those things are out of your control, like the family you came from. What schooling you have had and the country you were born into. And sometimes it’s timing. Maybe you didn’t take a chance you should have. You could have been busy raising a family. Or maybe you have had health problems that have made things harder.
No matter your situation there are always ways you can improve your life and be more successful. The best way to be more successful is to examine your life and see what you can do better. Track how you spend your time. Set goals and track your progress. Working blindly without a plan, skipping around from task to task, and never finishing things isn’t going to help you be successful. Below are some tips and ideas that will help you get organized and set you on a path to success. It is up to you to stay on that path and not get distracted.


Start on your tasks first thing in the morning

Successful people have a good morning routine that helps them start their day on the right foot. It sets them up for success, and it’s something that can be replicated by anyone. Getting an early start gives you a better chance to get more done. Tackle the most important projects first thing and get a head start. Keep things consistent by doing those tasks first thing and building a good routine.

When you put things off distractions seem to come up during the day to take away from what you are trying to accomplish. Then you are having to push things back to later. Later ends up being tomorrow and you are back at the same never-ending loop. If you tackle the important things first you can deal with the unexpected things during the day. And when you have some free time you can enjoy it more because you have tackled the important things first thing.


Having a to do-list can keep you on track

The key to being successful with your to-do list is to make sure you are setting realistic goals and taking the time to reflect on how you’re doing. A to-do list is a tool that can help you stay focused and aligned with your goals. Here are some suggestions for making the most of it:1. Start by writing down one or two personal goals that you would like to achieve in the next month, such as losing weight, starting a business, or whatever floats your boat.

Writing lists can help keep you organized. It can be easy to waste a lot of time and soon the day is almost over and you have accomplished little. With a list, you have the items out in your view and it’s harder to put them off. You can put a time to start and finish each task if you wish. I like to use Google’s momentum. It is a free Google Chrome extension that lets you put in your daily to-do list. It has a list and the main goal. As well as beautiful pictures and motivational quotes. There are other free programs as well and it is really up to you what you use. If you are more into paper and pen-style that’s fine. Get yourself a scheduler book to keep on track. The main thing is to have something to get the tasks out of your head and in some format to tick off as you accomplish them. 


Set time limits for tasks and goals

The time limit for a task or goal is crucial. It gives you a sense of urgency and keeps you focused on what needs to be done. All the tasks on the to-do list for this week should be listed in order of importance. When completing items from your to-do list, cross them off one by one.
Not having time limits makes the task open-ended. You can take forever and may never accomplish it. Giving yourself a time frame makes it more likely it will get done. You can set year time frames for bigger goals, monthly, and daily ones for smaller tasks. As well breaking the goals into smaller chunks if it’s too daunting.

When trying to accomplish a goal try to not be too picky. Give up on the idea of perfection. Perfection is what people strive for but it is impossible to make everything perfect. When you are trying to accomplish a task give it your best shot and try not to worry too much about the imperfections because chances are they will have an impact. The more you try the better your chances of success will be. You will learn more by settling with that 80% than wasting time striving for that 100%


Give yourself a reward 

Giving yourself rewards along the way is a great way to keep up the momentum. After you hit each milestone, make sure to reward yourself for all the hard work you’ve been putting in. You can say after I complete this task or job. You can do smaller rewards to keep you going and bigger ones for the bigger tasks. Say a piece of clothing each month and a trip at the end of the year. Or whatever monetary reward will help you feel excited to accomplish each goal. Most of us aren’t just driven by the long-term rewards. It can be hard to see the rewards of our hard work as we struggle. All work and no fun isn’t well, much fun after all.

However, it is important to remember that you need to stay consistent with the process, not just the rewards. You do need to be putting in enough work to warrant rewards. This isn’t a means to spend more money on things you don’t need. You also need to be mindful of the fact that what works for one person may not work for someone else. You may try many different rewards, but only find a few that are actually worth something to you and will be motivational.


My final thoughts to keep you motivated and accomplish your goals

Life is busy and distracting, it’s like a never-ending to-do list. You will never get it all in order or together. Even those that seem to have found the secrets to success still fail at times. You can only do your best and try to do better tomorrow. Being more organized and tracking your progress will help you have more control over the direction you wish to go in. As well as being able to handle the situations that will pop up. Sticking to things and finishing projects will help you feel more capable and able to accomplish more in the future. You will never know how amazing and talented you can be till you try and reach your goals. You got this! Now go out there and take on the world.