The one hour a day plan

Say good bye to your boss for good

So you have decided you are done with making some one else rich by being an employee and are ready to be your own boss. That’s great! But it’s also a huge risk to just quit your job and start working for your self. Many businesses don’t make even pull a profit for the first year or so.¬†You will still need money to pay the bills, plus the added costs of running a business. Unless you have won a lottery or inherited a large amount of money, you may want to try working on your business part time. I know it may seam like you have no extra time to do this and work your current job. The last thing you want to do is spend your days off working on your business.

Introducing the one hour a day plan

You may think you need to put in lots of hours at one sitting to see results. But some times putting in a little bit of time daily can have just much of an impact if you are consistent. Before you know it you will have logged many hours into your dream, with out having giving up much free time.

Ways to help keep on track with your daily plan :

  • Plan ahead and set aside time the night before for your daily one hour plan
  • Set a timer for one hour to insure you get the hour in
  • Keep a log of your hours to see the bigger picture
  • Give your self little rewards to keep motivated
  • Get friends or family involved to have accountability
  • Look over finished work to see how much you have accomplished