What is holding you back

We knew we were meant to accomplish great things

We all have dreams, from the time we start to be self aware to our golden years. If you asked a child what they wanted to be when they grow up you might hear some grand dreams. Some might want to be actors, dancers, teachers, scientists, asternaughts or police officers. When is the last time you have heard one say they want to work a low paying job that that leaves them with no savings. Having no creative freedom to add input at the workplace. Being bullied by superiors that hate being there as much as they do. And barley having any free time because just making ends meet takes up all their time and energy. No that doesn’t sound like a very happy future. Definitely not the dreams of a beautiful free mind. Children don’t see the limits we put on ourselves as we grow up. Or imagine having to settle. Yet somehow that is where we end up as we grow up. 

How did we get to this point, where did our dreams die

Somehow along the way our dreams seem to fade. We get told we need to grow up and be realistic. That we are just dreamers and will never accomplish what we dream. The adults reflect their fears and self imposed limits on the younger generation. It’s probably with good intentions. They may not want them to feel failure. They might think it’s for the best to set the dreamers straight. Dreaming is fun but at some point we have to put aside our dreams and follow the herd. We all have to pay bills and put food on the table. But if the way we have to do that is so unhappy and unfulfilling it’s not really fully living any ways. 

What is holding us back from following our dreams

I have pondered over this very question recently. Yes there are the obvious ones like time and money. But I find people will find the time and money for things they want to do. Or when some emergency comes up like needing to fix their car to be able to continue going to that job they hate. But try and get them to put in a few hours a week to build some side business and you will hear all the excuses. Even people that aren’t working and have some kind of incoming income. Still they seem to have endless excuses as to not try. I’ve had some friends and family even suggest ideas they want to try. But after I said it was a good idea and started to give them some tips they start with the excuses. It seams like a lot of people love to dream but when it gets to the point of actually starting they drop out before even starting. It’s like the voices of doubt they have heard their whole life are still there. It seems overwhelming so they decide to drop out. At least they won’t fail now. 

Put in now and your future self will thank you

I think the hardest part of starting anything new is just starting. It can be scary and seem like a huge mountain. But I find it is usually not as scary as we think. A lot of it is in our mind and the reality isn’t as hard. The second part where lots fail is sticking to it. Lots will start something new because at first it seems fun. But then they reach a plateau. Or they aren’t seeing the results fast enough. Like a business that isn’t making them lots of money right away. Or maybe they are having a hard time getting customers. Instead of taking some time to reflect and figure out what they may be missing, they give up. Let me tell you that most of the successful businesses you see today took a long time to build up. It was determination and maybe restructuring focus that got them to the point of success. Successful people aren’t always the most talented. They aren’t always the most brilliant or born into wealth. They are the ones that stuck to it. Didn’t give up. And were able to move with the changes the world gives and make the best out of it. 


When are you going to start

I will leave you with my final thoughts. How much do you want it? Do you want to keep saying one day, or take a chance and start now building a better future. And if not now, then when? There are always going to be obstacles. That is just life. When we push past them and conquer our fears we feel empowered! It may be small successes at first. But over time those small ones build up and we can look back and see how far we have come.

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